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Advance and Protect Investment Strategies
Why Advance and Protect
Let's face it, investing only works if you sell and take profits before they're wiped out in the next bear market.  In Investing 101, we were taught to buy low and sell high, not buy and hold forever.  So why do so many financial advisors and market pundits advocate buy and hold investment strategies and tell us to "hang in there" and "stay the course when the stock market heads south?  It's simple; because they don't have a strategy to manage risk or protect your investments and retirement savings.  We do.  It's called "Advance and Protect."

Buy and hold investment strategies work great for pension plans and endowment funds with unlimited time horizons and the luxury of being able to wait as long as it takes for their assets to recover from market downturns and bear markets.  Unfortunately, the time you have to grow and preserve your money for and during retirement is limited. If you're retired or need money during one of the market's inevitable down cycles, losing even the smallest amount of money could jeopardize your financial security and ability to maintain your standard of living.

Individuals nearing or in retirement can't afford to "buy, hold and hope" because buy and hold investment strategies do nothing to manage risk, minimize losses or protect your investments.  Our Advance and Protect Investment Strategies provide a safer, more effective way to invest for retirement and other financial goals.
What is Advance and Protect?
Advance and Protect is a unique investment process that helps you: 
  • Manage risk and minimize losses
  • Protect and preserve your investments and retirement savings
  • Keep emotions from adversely affecting investment decisions and performance
  • Grow your money—more safely, comfortably and effectively
  • Invest with confidence and peace of mind

How it works
As economic and market cycles evolve, our proprietary computer models help us determine the optimum times to buy and sell securities, adjust our exposure to the financial markets and manage the level of risk in your portfolio on a constant, ongoing basis.  Our objective is to capture growth (i.e. advance) during market rallies and protect your capital during market declines.  By doing so, we can help you grow your money over time, through bull and bear markets, more safely, consistently and effectively.
With our Advance and Protect Investment Strategies, we can help you grow your money over time, through bull and bear markets, more safely, comfortably and effectively.  You get bear market protection, risk management, dynamic growth and everything you need to invest with confidence, comfort and peace of mind.
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Jim Cramer on Buy and Hold

"If you had practiced buy and hold over the last decade, you would have gotten exactly nowhere. The results are in and this philosophy has lost more people more money than anything save gambling, and frankly, it's hard for me to see the difference between gambling and deciding to permanently own stock in a company that could change its stripes at any moment. It's investing blind, and investing blind is no different from investing dumb.

I know from personal experience that this mindless "buy and forget"–I am no longer using the term "buy and hold" because that presumes that what you "hold" doesn't go to zero, wishful thinking in retrospect–is a form of recklessness that can no longer be tolerated as a serious way to manage your money."

Jim Cramer
Former hedge fund manager, financial news commentator, author and host of CNBC's Mad Money